Blonde Czech Babe Victoria Pure Gets Anal Discount


Blonde Czech Babe Victoria Pure Gets Anal Discount. Czech Pal Victoria comes to check Mike’s rental house from all the way Czech Republic. After a long relationship, she has broken up with her boyfriend and hot blonde wants to forget everything with a nice vacation. As soon as sexy blonde in jean shorts sees the garden, she loves the house. On top of it, hot babe really likes the bedroom, other rooms and also the pool.

Blonde Czech Babe Victoria Pure Gets Anal Discount

Now, it is time to learn the rent price. When hot babe Victoria hears the price, she gets disappointed but she knows her way to negotiate. After some talking about the price, it all comes to sexual tricks. Sexy babe Victoria takes off her top and reveals her perk tits for ten percent discount. Of course, it is a good discount but Victoria knows she can take more discount.

Then, hot babe takes off her jean shorts and spreads her legs on red couch. She slides her purple panties to side and starts masturbating in front of the guys. Now, it is time to make this rental for free for herself. Slutty Czech babe reaches for Kristof Cale’s cock and sucks him right there. For the ultimate discount, sexy blonde offers her asshole for a rough anal sex.

Landlord Fucks Czech Babe Victoria Pure For Free Stay

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Date: September 28, 2017

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