Cuckold Stepmom Abigail Mac Seduces Stepson


Cuckold Stepmom Abigail Mac Seduces Stepson. Big titty wife Abigail is burning hot. Naughty housewife really needs a cock in her pussy. Brunette babe wears her sexy lingerie with tan color stockings and heels. She sits on couch and starts masturbating. She is hoping her new husband, actually an old guy to see her likes this and nails her pussy.

Busty Cuckold Stepmom Abigail Mac Seduces Stepson

As she planned, older guy witness her masturbation but he claims that he has a urgent business meeting. It is always like this, he is only thinking about his job. After his leave, busty brunette realizes her step son Marcus Dupree is still home. Normally he has to be in school by this time. When milf checks on her, she sees that he has a headache and not feeling well enough to go to college.

Cunning step mother device a plan for her horny pussy. She goes to bathroom and takes one of her husband’s blue pill. Big titty brunette comes back her step son’s room and gives him blue pill as headache medicine. After taking the pill, in seconds he has a huge boner. Jackpot! This cuckold step mom has finally meet the cock will satisfy her pussy.

Horny Step Mother Abigail Mac Fucks Stepson

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Date: July 14, 2017
Actors: Abigail Mac

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