Driver Fucks Frustrated Wife Sara St Clair


Driver Fucks Frustrated Wife Sara St Clair. Busty blonde milf Sara is on her way to her company for a meeting when her husband calls. Big titty wife gets bad news from her husband, he is leaving her for an another woman. After all these years, she only gets a phone call for break up. Frustrated milf wants revenge, as quick as possible.

Driver Fucks Frustrated Wife Sara St Clair

Tyler Steel is her driver for years and it is time to give him a big reward. Sexy milf tells him to drive back to home. When they arrive the big mansion, Tyler stops the car and opens the door for Ms St Clair. Driver gets a big surprise because slutty Sara is masturbating on the back seat.

Of course she want more so slutty wife Sara St Clair reaches for his cock and she gives him a blowjob. In front of her mansion, she gets on her knees near the car and gives him a tit fuck. Then, hot milf takes him inside so he can eat her pussy and fuck her hard to make her forget her husband.

Busty Milf Wife Sara St Clair Fucks Her Driver

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Date: August 27, 2017

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