French Babe Anissa Kate Teases Plumber


French Babe Anissa Kate Teases Plumber. Brunette babe Anissa needs a plumber to fix her dish washer. When she sees the plumber Michael, busty Anissa remembers that she has other needs to be fixed. So, hot French babe leaves him in the kitchen to work on dish washer, she goes into bedroom and works on herself.

French Babe Anissa Kate Teases Plumber

First, big titty babe changes her clothes. She wears her sexiest lingerie with stockings. On top of her sexy lingerie, busty milf wears a morning gown, and arrange a deep cleavage to show her big natural tits in her elegant bra. Then, slutty babe puts a fresh make up before showing up in the kitchen.

When she comes back to kitchen, Anissa sits on the table, just in front of the dish washer. Anissa makes her cleavage deeper so Michael stuns by her sight. But plumber continues to work on dish washer. So, nympho Anissa spreads her legs and this time she reveals her panties for him. Guy is resisting on her teasing and continues his work. Then, busty French babe jumps down from the table, closes dish washer and pulls the plumber herself. Anissa lies on the table back and demands him to lick her pussy, nice and easy. Now, she wants him to penetrate her like this and drills her as she moans. Before changing position, Anissa moves on floor, gives him an amazing tit fuck after her blowjob.

Busty Milf Anissa Kate Fucks Plumber

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Date: September 22, 2017
Actors: Anissa Kate

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