Friend’s Husband Fucks Jillian Janson Anal


Friend’s Husband Fucks Jillian Janson Anal. Blonde beauty Jillian cares her friend’s too much. When one of her best friend has financial difficulties, blonde babe takes her and her husband J Mac into her house. So, basically, they are living together in Jillian’s house.

Friend’s Husband Fucks Jillian Janson Anal

Blonde babe Jillian starts to hear her friend’s screams in the night. She is really curious about her and Jillian decides to talk with her friend’s husband J Mac. While they are sitting in the living room alone, Jillian brings the issue of her friend’s scream. J Mac tells her that his wife likes how he treads him. She is screaming because of his huge cock. Jillian can’t believe him but she really wants to see his dick for herself. So she moves on her friend’s husband, doesn’t care about cheating.

J Mac always likes this blonde babe and he is happy that she is curious about his cock. After kissing passionately, blonde babe opens his zipper and handles his cock. It is really something else, biggest cock in her life. She sucks him, actually chokes on his hard big cock. Then, she saddles him to ride him as cowgirl. While horny babe is riding him, J Mac fingers her tight asshole to loosen because he is going to fuck her anal too.

Blonde Beauty Jillian Janson Gets Deep Anal

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Date: August 30, 2017
Actors: J Mac / Jillian Janson

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