Lana Rhoades Fucks Roommate Melissa Moore


Lana Rhoades Fucks Roommate Melissa Moore. Beautiful brunette Lana Rhoades is in her room and having some naughty time. Sexy babe is keeping her top but not her panties. She spreads her legs and focus on her orgasm as she rubs her clit really hard. But her roommate Melissa Moore barges in and catches her roommate on action. Lana covers herself with sheets and Melissa leaves the room immediately after this awkward encounter.

Lana Rhoades Fucks Roommate Melissa Moore

Perky brunette Melissa can’t think any other thing but her roommate’s pussy and big natural tits. So, she sneaks through her room and opens the door slightly and silently. She peeps inside and after spying her masturbation, Melissa can’t stop herself but touches all over.

Horny Melissa leans through the wall, takes all clothes off and masturbates as thinking Lana. Melissa can’t hold her moan as she rubs her clit. Lana hears moaning outside her door and when she checks, she finds her roommate Melissa’s masturbation. Lana masturbates with her, on the other side of the wall before taking her to fuck on her bed.

Roommate Lana Rhoades Nails Perky Melissa Moore

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Date: October 5, 2017

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