Lesbian Anna De Ville Bangs Straight Aaliyah Hadid


Lesbian Anna De Ville Bangs Straight Aaliyah Hadid. Slender beauty Anna De Ville has an assignment for her fashion video 101 class. She thinks of a good plan to kill two birds with one stone. Brunette babe Anna has a big crush on school’s hottest girl Aaliyah Hadid. She can use her as her photo model and get closer to her.

Lesbian Anna De Ville Bangs Straight Aaliyah Hadid

There is only one problem with getting close with her. Actually, it is not getting close she wants, Anna wants to get intimate with Aaliyah. But short haired Aaliyah is straight and on top of it, Aaliyah has a boyfriend. Anna doesn’t want to let her go without a fight.

When school hottie comes into her room for modeling for her class assignment, Anna shows her what to wear. Aaliyah finds her outfit, one piece lingerie slutty but Anna convinces her to wear. On her black heels and slutty lingerie, Aaliyah already makes Anna really wet.

Anna is a cunning teen and finds her way to convince Aaliyah to give sexy poses. Soon, Anna manages Aaliyah to show her perky natural tits. Then, Aaliyah lies on the bed and poses as her hand around her pussy. Anna can’t wait anymore but puts her finger into Aaliyah’s wet pussy.

This is too much for straight teen Aaliyah and she tries to leave the room. Slender Anna corners her at the door, kneels down and this time pervert lesbian Anna sticks her tongues in her Aaliyah’s twat. Aaliyah can’t resist Anna’s tongue in her pussy and allows her to get on the bed.

Anna De Ville Seduces Straight Teen Aaliyah Hadid

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Date: October 18, 2017

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