Theater Attendant Fucks Cuckold Wife Karlee Grey


Theater Attendant Fucks Cuckold Wife Karlee Grey. In her bluish slutty lingerie with stockings, busty babe Karlee Grey is watching porn on her bed. She is so horny and starts masturbating. But rubbing her clit seems not working for her today. She opens her drawer to get her vibrator. Damn, she still can not cum with the help of her vibrator.

Theater Attendant Fucks Cuckold Wife Karlee Grey

Big titty babe wears a nightgown and walks downstairs to get herself a coffee. While drinking her coffee, Karlee checks the newspaper. Then, she sees an advertisement, a movie in porn theater. Of course, this should be right place for her to satisfy her pussy with random stranger.

When her husband asks her plan for today, she replies her that she is going to catch a movie. So, busty wife wears nothing but a black coat with a deep cleavage. She tires to seduce the first guy she sees in the theater. But guy doesn’t pay attention to her, he just wants to watch his porn movie. Then, she makes a move on second guy, a black one. When Karlee reaches for his cock, guy immediately stands up and changes his place.

Brunette babe Karlee really can’t believe what is going on. This is a adult theater and everyone is watching porn movie so everyone should be so horny. But no one is fucking her hairy pussy. When the movie is over, Karlee bumps into theater attendant Michael Vegas. Busty babe is now totally naked and asks him if people are not coming here for fuck? She complains about how horny she is. But Michael is right guy to complain because he gets hard by just looking her big natural tits.

Now, Karlee has her own stranger in the movie theater to fuck. First, cuckold wife sucks him thoroughly. Then, she saddles him on the chair and gives him the best cowgirl ride as her big natural tits bounces all over.

Horny Wife Karlee Grey Seduces Theater Attendant

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Date: October 21, 2017

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